What is Dockup


What is Dockup?

Dockup is a software service that enables anyone in your team to spin up disposable environments to test every code change. More specifically it enables you to spin up your tech stack for every code change, so that you can test your app in a staging environment. Even more specifically, it allows you to spin up disposable staging environments.

What Features does it have?

  • Automated Deployments Don’t wait for staging servers to be free. No need to manually update staging with your changes. Just push code and let Dockup automate deployments, generating URLs, seeding databases and everything else.

  • All of your tech stack Catch issues that pop up only in production. Test each feature in integration with the rest of your tech stack instead of testing in isolation by faking other services.

  • Hibernate during non-office hours Hibernates your deployments during non-office hours to save server costs. Automatically resumes operations when you do.

  • Automated QA checklists Run automated QA checklists against your deployments. Each tick in the checkboxes equals more confidence in your changes.

  • Works with your tools Works with any code repository. Dockup doesn’t disrupt your processes or tools. It just takes your existing workflow and makes it much faster.

  • Slack Integration Works even better with Slack. Dockup starts conversations in chatrooms where developers, designers and business come together to tighten the feedback loop.

Head Over to Getting Started to setup Dockup for your Team.