The Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of apps are supported?

Any web app that has a Dockerfile

What if I don’t use Docker?

We’ll help you adopt Docker. Talk to us

How much does it cost?

Check our Pricing page.

Do you have a free trial?

Sure we do. Free for a month, no credit card required!

Can I host Dockup on-premise?

Sure, talk to us

How does Dockup save me money?

By auto deleting staging and putting servers to sleep after your office hours. Dockup is the jarvis of your tony stark

How does Dockup save my time?

By creating staging environments for each code change, you don’t have to roll back changes or wait in line for your turn to deploy. Didn't I tell you above that Dockup is the jarvis of your tony stark?

How is this different from Heroku review apps?

With Dockup, you get copies of your whole tech stack, and not just a single app

I'm so confused.

So am I

The setup is complicated.

suck it up

You're mean.

I know


FINE. Here are some tips:

You need 3 things to get started

  • Dockerized apps

  • GCP Cluster (Don't worry, you'll get $300 credit when you sign up!)

  • Knowledge of your tech stack

Now just follow the damn instructions on the app!

I don't understand what Blueprint means!

  1. RTFM

Can I become who I want to be?

Sure you can. The only thing between you and what you want to be is just some bunch of work. GET THAT WORK DONE!

I don't like your UI!

Me neither. Sadly, Emil still hasn't found a good UI designer yet. So, suck it up