How-To: Connect to a database

Often when deployments contain SQL databases like Postgresq, Mysql, Mariadb, we would like to connect to that database and get a sneak peak into data. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Expose database via URL so that sql clients like command line tools and GUIs can connect.

  • Have a web UI through which database can be accessed.

This document will explore how to use web UI to access database using OmniDB. OmniDB is web tool for managing multiple databases. We can run OmniDB as a container which connects to the database deployed.

Configuring a container with web UI

Dockup team has customized OmniDB docker image so that OmniDB can be easily used with deployments. Edit blueprint and add a container called OmniDB. We need to configure this container with following env variables:

Environment Variable



Values can be one of postgresql, mariadb

or mysql


Username used to connect to db. Can be admin user also


Port exposed by database container


Use special env variables, and connect to the database

container in the deployment.


Name of the database to connect

Once we enter all these values, it looks something like this

OmniDB container

Accessing database

Once blueprint is deployed, we can access web UI as part of deployment

OmniDB deployment

Click on link next to "OmniDB" and we should see an interface to add user and pwd. Please enter admin and admin

OmniDB login

Now, we see OmniDB interface where name of database to access will be on top right corner

OmniDB Interface

Expand Database + icon (In this case MySQL). Interface will ask for database password. Enter the password, and we can now access the database

OmniDB password

Now we can perform CRUD operations using query interface

OmniDB query interface

For further information (if required), please drop a mail to