How-To: Execute commands on a running container

While Dockup allows you to elegantly test each of your code change by spinning up whole of your tech stack for every code change, even fetch logs for each container to debug a particular issue, sometimes you just need to drop into a shell of a particular running container to debug a bit more and possibly do some post work. Well, whatever your use case may be, if you're on a self-hosted plan (we're still working on making it available for managed users, we'll keep you updated), you can execute arbitrary commands on a particular container for a given deployment.

To execute arbitrary command on container, all you have to do is,

  1. For a particular deployment, click on exec link for the container you want to execute arbritary command on.

A Dockup Deployment

2. Run the command shown in the pop-up model, in your favourite terminal.

Exec command for postgres container

And it's just that simple :)

Most important thing here is that you've switched to & fetched credentials for your respective cluster. This is one time set up and you can ask your Dev-ops guy to help you with that.